A Simple Solution to EV Charge Rage

ChargeBump was created to make life on the road just a little bit nicer for all EV drivers, to take some of the stress of out en-route charging.

The process is simple

Arrive at an occupied charger

No problem, simply enter the registration or license plate number of the vehicle on charge and send a Bump request.

With a little luck, you’ll hear back from the other driver in no time.

Arrive at an available charger

There’s no need to leave a number on your dash or rely on QR codes.

With ChargeBump you can go and get that coffee or stretch your legs.

If another EV driver needs a charge, they’ll let you know…

Send a response…

Receive that response…

And that's it

ChargeBump is designed by and for EV drivers with simplicity at its heart

We believe that the simple, courteous and instantaneous messaging between drivers that ChargeBump enables can prove an elegant solution to a potentially stressful situation which is unique to the EV world we live in today.